Upload Guide

In BFAMarket, anyone can be a content creator. Graphic Designer, Print Template Designer, Photographer, Logo Designer, Vector Artists, Video Makers, Font Designer, Icon Designer, UI Designer, Web Elements Designer whatever you are you can upload any items depending on the categories and sub categories. Upload as many items as you want. There is no limit. You can upload any categories items here. No matter you are a single creator or a team. If you have a team, your earning will be higher. Let us know if you have team by mailing to admin@bfamarket.com. In BFAMarket, you should upload an Image Preview (400px X 400px) and a .zip file containing the Main files and a Disclaimer Note (Provided by BFAMarket). Your Image preview should contain the Copyright Note (exclusively on bfamarket in overpass heavy italic font) on the bottom with a black footer shape. Otherwise simply download this Project Mockup. Simply open this project Mockup > Place your item picture > and Export as .jpg/.jpeg/.png format. Make sure the image size is (400px X 400px), otherwise BFAMarket will not accept your upload. The project mockup .zip file also have a Disclaimer .txt file. Make sure you have opened and read that carefully. Always create a copy of that .txt Disclaimer file and make a Zip fie with this Disclaimer file and your main file. Make sure your .zip file name, your main file name and Project Title is same. Now, you’re done Simply upload these and Hit on Submit for Review Button. Wait for the confirmation mail and get relaxed.